How To Keep Your Health and Fitness on Track This Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner! Are you ready? For those of us who suffer with fatigue, the holidays can be overwhelming to say the least! Since keeping your health and fitness on track can be a challenge this time of year, we can all use a few tips. To help us manage and survive this extremely busy time, Jackie Waters from shares some advice on getting through and enjoying the season. Happy Holidays!!!

How To Keep Your Health and Fitness on Track This Holiday Season

 The fun and excitement of the holiday season are often eclipsed by the mounting stress we encounter trying to get every last task accomplished. In the midst of ticking off our to-do list, we tend to neglect some of the more important aspects of our everyday lives: sleep, eating healthy and, most importantly, fitness. By the time the new year rolls around, people often feel mentally depleted and experience the sluggish effects of overindulging. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little extra planning and some diligence, you can avoid feeling like a sloth when the holidays are over. Here are some great suggestions for staying on track and lowering your stress levels this season.


Eat Healthy And Avoid Overindulging

Keep your kitchen stocked with foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy and healthy carbohydrates to help you stay on track with healthy eating. Load up on antioxidants to keep your immune system strong, and don’t forget the calcium to maintain strong bones. Of course, it’s tough to avoid all the delicious treats and goodies that seem to be everywhere this time of year. But rather than avoid them, consider having a plan for how to enjoy the foods of the season without overdoing it. If you have a party or gathering to attend, be sure to fill up ahead of time on lean protein and vegetables, and drink lots of water. Then when you arrive, allow yourself a few treats. Parties are rarely short of booze and sweet treats, so have a plan in place, especially if overindulging could be detrimental to your health and well-being. By using this strategy you won’t feel as hungry or as tempted to eat too much. If you can swing it, try taking a brisk walk after the party to help with digestion, and to sneak in a little extra exercise.


Stick To An Exercise Schedule

A top stress-buster and waistline whittler, exercise is essential in maintaining health and wellness during the holidays. If you have an exercise routine, make sure it stays a top priority. Don’t let other obligations keep you from taking care of yourself. Exercise is a great way to blow off steam, and it will help you stay energized through the marathon that is the holiday season. If you don’t have an exercise routine, it’s never too late to start. And you don’t necessarily have to join a gym. A great way to stay fit is through walking (which is free!) and resistance training. Alternatively, look for free online exercise routines that you can do at home. Even just 15 minutes a day can make a difference. Remember, exercise is a safe way to improve your health, so you should never push yourself to exhaustion, as it will only cause more harm than good. Eating a cookie or two doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself–it just means you need to continue to stick to your established schedule to stay on track.


Maintain Your Sleep Schedule

It’s so tempting (and easy) to forgo sleep so you can get things done. But sleep should also be a top priority in health and wellness 365 days of the year. And sleep is how you keep your body healthy in an effort to avoid getting sick this time of year. A lack of sleep can lower your immune system’s response, thus making it easier to succumb to illness. Plan to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every night.


No Excuses

Sleeping, eating right, and exercise make up the holy trinity of health and wellness, and they are key to helping you take care of your body inside and out. Since self care needs to come before you can help anyone else, make a commitment to yourself. If that to-do list gets too long, it’s time to re-prioritize or outsource. By prioritizing your list, you can get a better sense of what is really important and what you can quickly cast off. Outsourcing is a great way to get some help and reduce stress. With so many services available to us these days, you can easily find someone to help with to-dos. If you need help with groceries, many grocery stores offer online shopping where you can pick up your groceries or even have them delivered. If you need help with errands, housekeeping or dog walking, there are plenty of online services that will put you in touch with the right person. If you have a task, there is definitely someone out there who can help lighten your load.


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