Treating Thyroid Disease

Treating thyroid disease can be tricky. Did you know there are at least 4 different types of hypothyroidism and all of them require more testing that just the old standard TSH blood test to understand what is going on. For example, there is primary,  secondary and tertiary hypothyroidism , along with sub-clinical hypothyroidism. In order for your doctor to properly treat your hypothyroidism, they need to know how your thyroid hormone is working within your own body.

To help us understand thyroid function and the different factors that need to be addressed when treating this disease, I have an article by Dr.Warren Slaten. He explains the types of hypothyroidism and what is going on within your body with each of them.


Not only do we need to understand the treatment options available when dealing with thyroid problems, we also need to recognize the signs our thyroid is happy to give us when things are not going well!

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