Food and Drug Interactions-What You Need to Know

Food and Drug Interactions-What You Need to Know

Food and drug  interactions are a risk for anyone who takes prescription medicine or vitamin supplements. Many of us have heard about how grapefruit can interfere with your medications but are you aware of the other foods that can cause problems. Now, I am not saying to avoid certain foods altogether, but you need to know which foods may cause problems so you can allow sufficient time between taking your medications and eating those foods.

In this report by Ginger Skinner on Consumer Reports, she has put together a chart of the foods and medications that should not be eaten at the same time and the reasons why:



In this video by Joshua Short, he asks the question “What Are We Eating?” He interviews Sue Delagrange, a registered dietician in the state of Indiana who shares that food dyes and preservatives are linked to diseases and illnesses. She states “The most important thing is to read your food labels and not just how many calories but actually look at the ingredients that’s in your food.” She also shares that on her road to better health, she eliminated processed foods, changing to a whole food diet. She tells how eliminating  processed food made a world of difference in how she felt.

You can watch the video here:



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