Robotic Thyroid Cancer Surgery Makes Advances

Robotic thyroid cancer surgery has made huge advances in Nebraska. In this story, Taylor Barth shares the advances that have been made by surgeons at Nebraska Medicine. The surgery uses robots to remove troublesome lumps on the thyroids of patients. This less invasive procedure leaves no ugly scar on the neck of those patients undergoing  this surgery.


In this article from Liverpool, they share what causes cancer and what does not. This includes things that we can definitely do to avoid getting that scary diagnosis.


And last but not least, Sam Apple shares that 13 cancers are being linked to obesity including colon, thyroid, ovarian, uterine, pancreatic and (in postmenopausal women) breast cancer. This accounts for almost 40% of all the cancers diagnosed. If we’ve made little progress since then in pinpointing specific foods that cause cancer, it’s in large part because nutrition studies aren’t well-suited to cracking the problem.



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