Eye Exams: Are They Really Needed

Eye exams are typically part of everyone’s health care routine, but are they really needed on a yearly basis? Many that don’t wear glasses or contacts will put off eye exams for years or until there is a problem, when in reality, an exam can catch health problems in their early stages. So, how often should you have your eyes checked and what symptoms would cause you to make a visit to your eye doctor?

In this article on Self, Claire Gillespie shares 5 reasons you should have your eyes checked:



In this article by Pinaz Kazi, she shares the advice of Australian doctor Dr. Brad McKay, who has several health tests you can do at home including one for thyroid disease!



And last but not least, here are 11 symptoms that are common with thyroid disease. Leslie Goldman shares what to look for and the steps to take to correct the issues. I do, however, disagree with #6, because I believe Levothyroxine is not the best choice when treating low thyroid function.




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