Iodized Salt and Iodine: Are You Deficient

Iodized salt and iodine are critical to maintaining good thyroid health, not to mention overall good health. But is iodized salt the only way to get adequate amounts of iodine in our diet? Our thyroids depend on iodine to function properly, to ensure proper development of our babies brains during pregnancy and lack of iodine has also been linked to neurological and gastrointestinal disorders as well as slow metabolism, hypothyroidism and weight gain. There is also the argument that iodized salt is over-processed and doesn’t contain vital minerals that sea salt does. Although sea salt does not have any iodine in it, it does have many other minerals vital to good health which is why it has enjoyed increased popularity.

You can read the full report on SmartCooky:


In this article by Claudia Tanner on DailyMail, she shares the problems that Paleo diets can create:


This article, also on DailyMail by Ron Hobson, he shares the growing concern that ‘clean eating’ is causing dangerously low levels of iodine. Those with depleted levels are experiencing weight gain, fatigue and problems with pregnancies and fetal development.

Read his concerns and solutions here:

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