Alternative Cancer Treatments: Why Chemo Isn't Always Best

Alternative cancer treatments are out there, but why are most cancer treatments always ended with chemotherapy? The theory behind chemotherapy treatments is that it kills dividing cells, however only a small percentage of cancers fall into that category. This leaves many diagnosed with cancer to endure crippling chemotherapy treatments even though it will do nothing to destroy the cancer. Now, how awesome is that!

In this letter to the editor by Rolanda Ritzman, she shares a story of a woman who refused chemo when treating her breast cancer:


In this news story Ivanhoe Author shares why thyroid cancer diagnosis are on the rise. This increase is effecting young and middle aged women and has tripled in the last 40 years. Researchers say that obesity and environmental exposure to radiation as a child, as well as flame retardants in household objects may be to blame for the increase.


This story is an editorial I found on the Charleston Gazette-Mail. This is about a woman who has a botched thyroid surgery and it required a  tracheotomy, which in turn, requires that she now has a machine she needs to take everywhere to breathe. A jury awarded her nearly 5.8 million, however, she will only be able to collect approximately $650,000  because of caps on medical malpractice damages approved by West Virginia lawmakers and signed by then-Gov. Bob Wise in 2003.



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