Drug Side Effects: Is It All In Our Heads

Drug side effects have been in the news quite a bit lately. Ever since Merck reformulated their levothyroxine medication, thousands of patients in France have reported widespread side effects. The French drug safety group National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) is expected to release an account of the adverse-event reports later this month, the agency has said it currently knows of “no scientific explanation” for the effects and has publicly supported the new formulation’s safety. They have also blamed the increase of side effects on the negative press brought on by patients complaining about the terrible side effects due to the new formula.

Nancy A Melville has the full report here:



We continue the story on the reformulated levothyroxine here. I found this article on the Turkey Telegragh. The adverse reactions reported since arrival of new Levothyrox are due to “a thyroid imbalance” caused by change of treatment and not to new formula itself, as reported by the National Drug Safety Agency (ANSM). So that makes the change better? They go on to share 6 points of the controversy.


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