Aging and Our Hormones: Keeping the Balance

Aging and our hormones can be a balancing act that can be tricky. Those hormones cause fluctuations that sometimes can dictate our mood, energy, and weight. Many women struggle to keep all those hormones in balance and as we age those hormones seem to be more out of control than ever. So, how do we deal with those rogue hormones as we get older?

To answer that question, Taz Bhatia M.D., will explain how nutrition can ease all that craziness with your hormones. She explains there are 5 hormones that are her main concern for women as they get older and how certain foods can ease those unpleasant symptoms those hormones can cause.


In this article, Jordyn Cormier shares there are 4 families of greens you need to be aware of. Each has certain nutrients and toxins you need to know about so you can rotate your consumption of  greens to get the best each has to offer while avoiding the bad.


Since the majority of those who suffer with thyroid disease have problems with weight gain, I’m sharing this article by Holly Konig. She gives you 13 foods that won’t make you gain weight. How awesome is that!

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