Endocrine Disruptors: The Fight Continues

Endocrine disruptors are in the news again in Europe. The debate is on the agenda of the European Parliament this week. MEPs will not abide by the rules of industry lobbies. Chemicals that disrupt hormone systems must be banned – no exceptions. These harmful chemicals are found in an unbelievable number of products that we use everyday.

In this article by Anja Hazekamp, she shares how even small amounts of these chemicals cause problems with fertility, several types of cancer and congenital disorders in children. According to the author, 300,000 European citizens have signed a petition urging the European Parliament to reject the Commission’s latest proposal on this issue.



In this article by Beth Mole, she discusses the ongoing problems with Merck and their new reformulated thyroid hormone replacement drug. There are thousands of reported illnesses and side-effects, including reports of police raids on the drug makers plant.

Here is the full report:




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