Why Dairy Milk Is So Important for Women

Dairy milk is a beverage that many of us avoid due to the fact we have trouble digesting the sugar that is found in dairy products. Many experience so much discomfort from dairy that they opt for other types of milk. However, many women who do drink other forms of milk need to be aware of a vital dietary mineral that we all need that is not in dairy free milk. That nutrient is iodine. As reported by the Independent, people who opt for milk alternatives run the risk of developing an iodine deficiency.

You can read the report here:

This Is How Dairy-Free Milk Could Be Damaging Your Brain


Now that fall and the cooler weather are here, most of us are looking for those comfort foods that we all crave this time of year. The problem is that most of those comfort foods also have a lot of calories. One of my favorite comfort foods is pasta. However, I have no idea what to look for when I purchase pasta; I want to avoid gluten and to get the most nutrition value I can from the pasta I eat.

We had just been talking about making spaghetti for supper when I ran across this article by Leslie Beck. She has a handy guide to help you  understand the different types of pastas out there.



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