Is Fasting Really Good For You

Is fasting a part of a healthy lifestyle for you? Or is it a practice that you just don’t feel is worth the effort? We know that a fast helps flush out the toxins in our bodies as well as easing the digestive system, which helps in preventing constipation and dehydration.

In this article by Sonia Norang and Meher Rajput, they share the benefits of fasting including how it improves thyroid function:


In this story by Tarin Graham, she shares 5 benefits that eating raw foods has made in her life. She tells how she had Hashimoto’s  Thyroiditis and doing a juice cleanse eased many of her symptoms from the thyroid disease.

Since we have heard of the benefits of cleanses, fasting and eating raw foods; now let’s hear from a person who is against eating kale.

In this article by Holly Van Hare, (yes that’s her name) she explains why too much kale can have a negative effect on your thyroid function.

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