Yoga for Thyroid Weight Loss: Does It Work

Is yoga for thyroid weight loss a workable plan or is it just another get healthy ploy that just doesn’t work? Don’t you need to run miles or lift hundreds of pounds to lose weight? How do you regain that muscle you had before the thyroid disease?  Plus, add in stress and not so good diet choices, which can lead to weight gain not to mention high blood pressure and heart disease, but what if you hate the gym? Can a practice like yoga really help you improve your health?

In this article by Chethana Prakasan, she shares 5 yoga poses that will help improve your health and help you lose weight.


Okay, so maybe yoga isn’t your thing, how about workout plans on YouTube? In this article by Ayesha Tabassum she shares how fitness expert Riz Sunny posts workouts on YouTube for those who lack time or finances for the gym.

Apart from the regular fitness plans and workout videos, the channel also focuses specifically on women’s fitness and includes playlists such as Women’s Bonus Workouts, Women’s Ab Workouts and Women’s Workout Tips.

When talking about the necessity of special segments for women, Riz says, “The reason I thought of this concept is because I realized that weight loss in general and specifically through PCOS and thyroid is a growing problem among women and most programs don’t show the right picture and use fancy terminology. Through my videos, I wanted to simplify the idea and help as many women as possible.”

I like this guy already!!!


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