Thyroid Horror Stories-Why Is Treatment So Varied

Thyroid horror stories are everywhere and the number of successful treatment stories are few and far between. So that immediately brings up the questions of why does this happen and what can be done to help correct this problem that seems to be a normal occurrence when treating thyroid disease. One of the problems is there is no standard  range for TSH and the other bigger problem is that most health care professionals have been taught that a TSH test alone will give them a accurate picture of thyroid function, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t even come close

In this article by Virginia Sole-Smith on Women’s Health, 3 women share their horror stories on their journey of trying to get proper treatment for the varying types of thyroid disease.


For those who follow a high protein diet and avoid carbs, Devlina Ganguly wants you to know that type of diet can be dangerous, including disrupting your thyroid function. You can read her suggestions here:



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