Women Are Demanding Old Version of Thyroid Medication

Women are demanding the old version of the thyroid medication Levothyrox in France. Authorities have been forced to bring back the old formula due to the new formulation causing serious side-effects. As normal with health professionals, they also called for calm, saying that any drug was liable to provoke side effects, and that most problems with the new formulation were likely to be temporary. And as with most health professionals and the pharmaceutical company Merck, they defended the drug, stating the changes were to improve it and stabilize the dosage amount. However, more than 9000 complaints, mostly from women have been filed, forcing the health minister, Agnès Buzyn, to announce the old formula will be available in 15 days.

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In this article, Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, shares how she is concerned about the discontinuation of T3. She states that ‘T3 is clinically effective’ (no kidding) ‘but there are cheaper alternatives available’. She also shares that an NHS consultation is looking at ‘cheap or ineffective medications and those that can be obtained over the counter’ with a view to taking drugs off the formulary for use as GPs.

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This article shares the dangers of fluoride. Professor Stephen Peckham (University of Kent, UK)  links fluoride exposure to lowered thyroid function. This information is being shared by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) this weekend in Crystal City, VA.



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