Nutrition for those who suffer from Graves disease is vital, as with any chronic disease. Graves is an autoimmune disease and the main cause of hyperthyroidism, due to antibodies attacking your thyroid gland causing it to produce more thyroid hormone than your body needs.

In this article by Andrea Aguilar, posted on the Michigan State University Extension website, she shares the nutrition needs of those who suffer from this disease. Of course, antioxidants are important, along with calcium and since muscle mass and strength are diminished with this disease, high-quality protein is vital.

You can read all her recommendations here:


Quite a few people I know have gone vegan, which simply means they don’t eat any animal products. While I am not vegan, it is a popular diet for many. The concern with a vegan diet is there are certain nutrients that are more difficult to get the proper amounts of. In this article by Brian Syuki, he shares which foods best provide those nutrients.


Also this week, I ran across this story about being weighed at the doctor’s office. I know for many people that just the thought of having your weight checked can cause major stress. Now you have to worry about your blood pressure plus the weight. However, in this article posted on the Self website by Korin Miller, she shares how you don’t always have to be weighed when visiting the doctor.


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