Weight Loss With Thyroid Disease

Weight loss with thyroid disease can be a challenge, to say the least. We all know that when you have a chronic disease, it pretty much takes over your life. In this story by Alexis Clark on Women’s Health, she shares how she let her condition stop her from losing weight. She states: If all of those excuses weren’t enough to stop me, this one was: I am hypothyroid. Then after having gallstones and being forced to give up greasy foods, Alexis realized she could lose weight in spite of the thyroid disease. “It wasn’t my thyroid stopping me, it was my mind. I knew I could succeed, I just didn’t know how” states Alexis.

You can read her full uplifting story here:




If you are like me, going to the doctor is not something you ever want to do. However, sometimes we have to, so to help Redbook has 5 symptoms you should pay attention to. #5 about the penny taste in your mouth is one I had never heard of.


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