Contaminated Egg Scandal Grows

The contaminated egg scandal is growing in Europe. A broad-spectrum insecticide used on chicken farms to control fleas, lice, ticks, cockroaches, mites and other insects was found at extremely high levels on several Dutch poultry farms. This insecticide is considered “moderately toxic” to humans. This insecticide is fipronil and it can damage the liver, kidneys and thyroid gland and is known health risk for children.

This article is from Food Science and Technology website. You can read the full story here: 


The contaminated egg story continues here, where they share that a father and son pair were granted bail after being questioned by prosecutors in connection with the recent contamination of eggs in Taiwan. The suspects admitted that they had sold the insecticide fipronil to chicken farms in several areas. Here is the full report:


Here is another story about a study done linking chemicals used in flame retardants with female infertility. The chemicals, known as PFRs disrupt the thyroid and sex hormones, as well as harm embryo development. The study showed that 80% of women going through a fertility treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital had traces of the chemicals with 38 percent less likely to have a successful round of in vitro fertilization treatment.

Study: Chemicals found in furniture and gym mats may be making women infertile

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