Levothyrox: Have You Noticed the Change?

Levothyrox: Have You Noticed the Change?

Levothyrox (also know as Levothyroxine) is a medication that many who suffer from thyroid disease take on a daily basis. However, there are complaints surfacing that the change in the formula is causing problems with symptom control among thyroid patients. This problem is so serious that a petition has been launched and has collected 20 000 signatures and 9000 comments and testimonials calling for a return to the old formula.

You can read the full story by Magictr which was posted on The Siver Times site:


Lévothyrox : patients denounce side effects of the new formula


This article shares how hormonal imbalances can be causing you to plateau on your weight loss journey. We have all been there! So, to help clear up the confusion, Peter Weintraub is going to give you the tell-tale signs that your weight loss troubles are hormone-based. He breaks it down into 3 areas: body shape, physical signs, and food cravings. He does strongly recommend that you have your hormones checked by a blood test to identify the specific deficiencies.



And also this week I found this article by Ally Gottfried interesting. It’s about if soy is good or bad for you. Soy contains isoflavones and isoflavones mimic the hormone estrogen in our bodies. Animal studies have shown that high levels of estrogen are linked to increased risk of cancer. But the author goes on to state that animals are not human and rodents metabolism is different than humans so we really shouldn’t be concerned. Hmmm. Last but not least, she addresses the GMO issue. She states that 90% of soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically modified, so only eat organic non-GMO soy foods, it’s easy. Kinda sounds like she works for the Soybean Council to me! You decide.



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