Can Plastic Harm Your Health?

Can Plastic Harm Your Health?

Plastic is harming more than just our environment, it’s just as damaging to our skin, hair and hormone health. But as we all know, plastics are everywhere. In this article by Dr. Kiran Lohia, she will first examine how plastic harms us and then focus on the plastic products we can avoid that might be harming health, and our skin, every day.

The damaging effects of plastic you must know about



I found this article by Enyeribe Ejioga quite interesting. It talks about the importance of drinking enough water. She also shares when you should be concerned that the excess thirst you are experiencing is actually a serious health issue. Point #7 about your diet where she shares the foods that can make you thirsty, she lists lemon among them. I was surprised how powerful a  diuretic effect lemon can have. I started drinking vitamin C powder mixed in water but for a little flavor, I add some lemon juice. I can certainly tell when I add too much!


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