Carbs and Weight Loss: Which Ones Do I Eat?

Carbs and weight loss are a confusing part of the weight loss journey, so how do you know which ones to eliminate and which ones are good for you? The truth is not all carbs are created equally. In this article by Katherine Marko, she shares her journey of carb cutting for weight loss. She explains what happened and the results she experienced, both the good and the bad. The one thing the simple (or not so simple) act of eliminating carbs gave her back was a sense of control that her diet was sorely missing.

You can read about her carb elimination journey here:


Also, in the weight loss news this week, is this report by Michelle Gorman. She shares how the lack of sleep contributes to weight gain. She also shares that the team doing the study not only looked at the links between sleep duration, diet, and weight but also other indicators of overall metabolic health, including blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar and thyroid function.

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