Water Contamination: How Safe Is Your Water?

Water contamination is news everywhere you look. A national database released by the Environmental Working Group shows that most tap water across the U.S. has contaminants. The concern is that many of those contaminants cause serious health problems including cancer. EWG senior science adviser Olga Naidenko said the contaminants can affect your health slowly over your lifetime, but children are especially vulnerable. EWG notes that your water does meet safe drinking water standards and federal regulations, but is that good enough for our children?

You can read the full report by Leah Shields here:



In this report, Chad Sokol shares that additional testing of some wells around the Fairchild Air Force Base have returned positive for toxic firefighting chemicals known by the acronyms PFOS and PFOA, these perfluorinated chemicals have been linked to an array of health defects.



Water contamination and quality have been in the news a lot this week, in this article by Cody Fenwick, he shares a report released Wednesday, that found hundreds of harmful contaminants across the American water supply that can cause cancer, developmental issues in children, problems in pregnancy and other serious health conditions.



This article by Mary Serreze shares the fines a plastics company has to pay for allowing PFOA into the area’s water supply.



The French government has published an official list of pesticide products currently in circulation suspected of containing ‘endocrine chemical disruptors’. The vote will now enable France to remove affected products from the market and stop new such products being sold.



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