Maintaining Iodine Levels During Pregnancy Crucial for Brain Development

Maintaining iodine levels during pregnancy is crucial for brain development a new study suggests. In this report by Tim Cutcliffe, he shares the findings from a Norwegian study. The study also shows no benefit from supplementation, only from eating iodine rich foods, however, the study was just done on the iodine intake from food. The study also suggests that women who plan on getting pregnant increase their iodine intake before conception to ensure optimal brain development.

You can read Tim’s full report here:


Another iodine story this week shares how most women are not getting enough iodine. The ironic thing is that the more fit a woman is the more at risk she is for iodine deficiency. This leads to lower thyroid function which in turn causes you to feel tired, achy and foggy. While too much sodium leads to heart disease,  too little can cause to low blood pressure.

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