Arsenic and Other Toxins in Our Food

Arsenic and Other Toxins in Our Food

Arsenic and other toxins in our food are making us sick. A recent study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, the authors question the role of arsenic rich foods and how they may contribute to interrupted thyroid function. This study focused on seafood, as it has some of the highest arsenic content. After 14 days of seafood consumption, there was a 20-60% rise in arsenic levels across subjects.  Maybe, we need to pay more attention to our seafood!

You can read the report by Harin Lee, BSc here:

Arsenic in Seafood May Impact Thyroid Health


As many of you know, I have posted about the dangers of phthalates before. You can read the previous post here:     The FDA says it’s unclear what effect, if any, phthalates have on people.Most recently, they’ve been linked to decreased thyroid function in girls in a study published in Environment International.


Mayo Clinic lists heart disease, diabetes, and thyroid problems all as potential causes of anxiety. However, these causes aren’t exclusively physical. Stress, trauma and certain personality types each make certain people more at risk for developing anxiety.


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