Medications: The Dangers of Addiction

Medications: The Danger of Addiction

Medications part of our daily lives, but are you aware of the dangers of addiction from these medications? In today’s post, I am sharing three articles on how the medications we are prescribed by our doctors to solve certain health issues can turn into serious problems.

In this first article,  Helen O’Callaghan shares how a woman who was having problems sleeping due to menopause accepted a prescription for Valium. She goes on to explain how she had planned on stopping the medication, but due to a death in the family, she kept taking the Valium. Then the side effects started: from a underactive thyroid to terrible sensations all over her body. She recalls her husband, a farmer who has been her rock, saying she was getting nowhere. And then she read a newspaper article about “the drug that steals women’s lives” — benzodiazepines, of which Valium is one.

Professor Malcolm Lader of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London, has stated that withdrawing from benzodiazepines is more difficult than withdrawing from heroin. I was not aware of how serious this is!

You can read the full report here:


In this article, by Heidi Godman of the Harvard Health Letter, she shares the medications and health conditions that mimic dementia, and one of them is thyroid disease. No wonder I think I am losing my mind at times!


This article also addresses memory loss, but adds erratic driving and falls to the list of health issues that can be blamed on thyroid disease along with other health issues. No wonder we think we are going crazy!

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