Chemicals Increase Men's Heart Disease Risk

Certain chemicals increase the risk of men developing heart disease, plus these chemicals also are linked to obesity and thyroid abnormalities. These chemicals known as phthalates are used in medicines, food packaging, and toys. They increase men’s risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, new research reveals.
You can read their report here:


Dust bunnies beware!!!  There is a new study on house dust, and they have come to the conclusion that house dust is making us fat! Now before you laugh too hard, hear me out. Your dust bunnies have the same chemicals in them that are found in the products that we use every day ( see story above) and those chemicals are causing trouble with your hormones.


I always post reports on the effect of fluoridation of our drinking water on our health. This report shares four myths about fluoridation we shouldn’t believe. I, however, learned that there are different types of fluoride, one which is naturally occurring calcium fluoride, but the other 3 are not the same, and their only purpose is to prevent cavities. They don’t get into if that fluoride is damaging the rest of our body, just that we will have fewer cavities. Not a word on the damage fluoride does to our hormones.

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