Women and Sleep: No Rest for the Weary

Women and sleep. Why is does it feel like there’s no rest for the weary? It seems that women always have something that needs to be done! And if we do sit down, our minds are racing; thinking about all the tasks we haven’t gotten to yet. So, why do we have so much trouble getting the rest we need.

There is no simple answer to why we suffer from sleep deprivation. So many variables are in play: hormones, lifestyles, electronics, health problems; the list goes on and on.

In this news report, Dr. Jeffrey Sippel, a pulmonologist and sleep medicine expert at the University of Colorado Hospital, shares his tips for better sleep.



In this article by Dr. David Brownstein, he shares how he helped his father improve his health with two natural therapies. His father’s long history of angina and his extremely high cholesterol levels normalized after starting treatment with natural hormones.

You can read his article here:



I am sharing this information with you today because I just learned that my former boss has had surgery for this condition. Dr. Ritesh Aagrwal, Thyroid, Endocrine, Breast & Cancer Surgeon at SL Raheja Hospital, Mumbai explains what is hyperparathyroidism and its causes.  I know this doctor is from India but this is a serious condition that many know very little about.




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