Your Weight: Why the Ups and Downs

Your weight goes up and down, seemingly with no reason. How frustrating is that? After all, I love a Chinese dinner just like everyone else! And we do need to eat! However, then there’s that ugly weight gain that comes with that wonderful meal, not to mention the glass of wine! How come all those things we love have the ability to make us feel like a beached whale?  Then add in your hormones which can cause crazy bloating or even exercise, which can add extra weight!

To help us make sense of this weight fluctuation, Shilpa Arvra ND shares why this happens and then gives us 5 ways to help ease the bloat!



This article by Katja Ridderbusch shares the importance of regular eye exams. She explains some of the health issues that can be detected during an appointment. Heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and several autoimmune diseases are just a few of the problems that can be uncovered during an eye exam.


In this report, Pauline Anderson shares the results of a study done in Greece. The study looked at whether or not treating subclinical hypothyroidism would help ease the occurrence of migraine headaches. Even though the study showed treating the hypothyroidism helped relieve the migraines, more studies are needed. You know those doctors when it comes to an easy treatment that helps people, we need more studies!


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