Sleep Issues: 7 Reasons You're Exhausted

Sleep issues can be caused by more than too much coffee and junk food. There are several reasons why you are not getting the rest you need. The only real way to cure insomnia is to find out why it’s occurring in the first place.

In this article, Suzy Cohen shares 7 reasons you’re not sleeping well.


In this article from Elizabeth Yuko, she shares the reasons we can suffer from hot flashes and night sweats.  Referred to as a “personal summer” by one of her friends, she shares why this happens and what to do about it.


For fun this week, I have included a health horoscope that shares the diseases that each sign is the most likely to get. The crazy, scary part is that I have or have had 2 of the 3 conditions mentioned for my birth month. This study also shares the good things that happen for all the signs.

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