Toxic Chemicals Exposed in New Film

Toxic Chemicals Exposed in New Film

Toxic chemicals are being exposed in a new film from Award-winning documentary filmmakers Morgan Spurlock and Stephanie Soechtig. This new film that exposes the evils of C8, a toxic industrial chemical used by DuPont to make Teflon and other products. C8, also known as PFOA, is a synthetic chemical used to make everything from non-stick pans to food wrappers, pizza boxes, dental floss and microwave popcorn.  Scientists have linked exposure to kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ulcerative colitis, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, and pre-eclampsia. C8 has been detected in the drinking water of at least 6.5 million Americans in 27 states.

You can read Patrick Hipes review about this contaminant and the documentary exposing it here:

Morgan Spurlock & Stephanie Soechtig Team For Documentary ‘The Devil We Know’ Featuring Erin Brockovich


In this article by Jackson A. Thomas, he explains the importance of sunscreen and what SPF really means. He also shares the ingredients in sunscreens that might be harmful. He stresses, however, that the Food and Drug Administration has reported that these ingredients are safe.                 I am not so sure I trust the FDA, after all, the previous story shares how the FDA allows dangerous PFOAs to be used in manufacturing.

You will have to make your own decisions on using these products.

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