Is Your Credibility Affected by Your Thyroid?

Your credibility is everything to you. You are the one everyone else counts on. But, then your thyroid rears its ugly head and all those plans you made are history. All you want to do is take a nap praying no one has any other ideas of fun and games you just can’t take a part in. All because your thyroid is not functioning correctly. If you are one of these women and many of us are, we pride ourselves in being over-achievers. We take on all that needs to be done without a second thought, many times damaging our health in the process. Maybe this is because we are women and we take our caretaker roles very seriously, all without caring for ourselves.

To help understand why we do this, Stacey Robbins has a great perspective on this topic. This article was shared on Hypothyroid Mom.


Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Credibility?


For those who look to thyroid supplements to ease their symptoms, Consumer Reports has a warning. In this article, they warn consumers to be wary of these supplements, stating they can cause more harm than good. Many people who use these supplements do so for weight loss or fatigue issues but are unaware of the fact they do contain actual thyroid hormones.

Here is Consumer Reports article:


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