Exhausted: The Surprising Reasons

Exhausted: The Surprising Reasons

Are you exhausted? I mean totally wore out. How can that be? You just slept all night but you woke up tired. Believe it or not, the problem can be blamed on other things than your thyroid. You might think this is crazy since your fatigue has been unbearable since your diagnosis of thyroid disease, but hear me out. Hypothyroidism causes fatigue then add in stress, poor diet and lack of exercise plus any other medical conditions and you have the perfect storm.

To help make sense of this tiredness, Molly Kimball of NOLA.com has advice on dealing with the exhaustion:




Thyroid disease is on the rise and with that increase come the weight gain, hair loss, anxiety, fatigue. But, what about the other symptoms that can suggest a thyroid condition?

In this article, the Shore Medical Group share 7 symptoms that could suggest thyroid disease.




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