Toxic-Free Furniture Movement Demands Safer Products

The toxic-free furniture movement is gaining momentum. The national health watchdog the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) today announced a pledge signed by major companies, higher education institutions and government purchasers, including Kaiser Permanente, the City and County of San Francisco, LinkedIn Corporation, University of California,Santa Cruz and nine others who have signed the CEH Purchaser’s Pledge to preferentially purchase furniture made without toxic chemicals. This movement by leading organizations continues the national trend towards safer products made without harmful chemicals. These companies represent more than $92 million in purchasing power for furniture.

This press release by Furniture Today is great news for consumers. There are far too many toxic chemicals used in manufacturing today. These chemicals are destroying our health and the health of our children every day. The only way to force them to produce toxic-free furniture is to refuse to buy their products unless they are toxic free.

Here is the full press release:



In this article by Sara Jerome, she shares how Arizona has more perchlorate contamination than most other states, according to KAWC. The Colorado River is contaminated with the chemical because it moves from an industrial facility in Henderson, NV, to groundwater to Lake Mead, which feeds the river. Thyroid problems related to perchlorate are on the rise. The U.S. EPA notes that the contaminant is highly soluble in water and migrates quickly from soil to groundwater. A new study begins this week to study the effects on humans and animals.

Here is the full report:



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