Is Heartburn the New Normal

Is Heartburn the New Normal

Is heartburn the new normal for our lives? So-called acid indigestion is a serious malady experienced by millions of people. The major symptom is “heartburn” and/or acid indigestion. Other symptoms may be heart palpitations, short-windedness, flatulence, and belching or acid reflux.

When the body is low on hydrochloric acid, we have symptoms of “heartburn” or “acid indigestion” when our bodies are simply low on hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) starts a disturbing decline after age 40, but it gets worse. Research has shown over and over that, on average, by age 50 there is only 15 percent of the amount of HCl present as at age 25.

Read why low acid is so dangerous below:

No cure found in the ‘purple pill’


Leonardo Trasande is a pediatrician at New York University in New York City. He studies how pollution in the environment can affect a child’s health. Trasande’s team had a hunch perchlorate could mess with the thyroid. That’s because the chemical blocks this gland’s uptake of iodine. This chemical element is an important component of a healthy diet. It occurs naturally in some foods. Iodine is also added to table salt. That’s fortunate because without it the thyroid cannot make thyroxine.

You can read their report here:


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