Teens Are At High Risk from Chemical Toxins

Teens are at high risk from chemical toxins, according to Jenica McMullen, New York University School of Medicine, New York, and colleagues in their report published online April 20 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Perchlorate, thiocyanate, and nitrate all inhibit the function of sodium-iodide symporter (NIS) in thyroid follicular cells at levels currently found in the environment, they point out. NIS function is key to thyroid-hormone synthesis, and disruption is a leading cause of hypothyroidism.

Their report found that in adolescents, disruptions of normal thyroid function can profoundly affect every organ system, including cognitive and cardiac function, bone strength, and metabolism. Clinically, this can present as declining growth rates and changes in academic performance, including poor attention, the researchers say.

You can read more on their findings and also some tips on iodine rich foods to reduce their exposure.



Another story this week is concerning college dorm rooms and the high levels of toxic flame retardants in dust samples. They call these findings a reason for concern!


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