Living with Chronic Disease

Living with chronic disease is a challenge at best. When we look at how we have treated our bodies in the past; many of us, myself included;  have no doubt that we contributed to the development of that chronic disease.

In this article by Julie Reisler, she shares how Epigenetics, which is the study of human disease and genetic factors that contribute to these diseases. What scientists have found out is that 90% of our health is connected to our lifestyle. This means only 10% is related to our genetic predisposition.

I don’t know about you, but I think these are phenomenal statistics. It was super empowering to learn this. You have a choice to create a life full of radiance, well-being and good health unconnected to your genetic history. I’ll take a 90–10 split any day.

Read her story here including why she feels her disease has been a blessing.



This is a story by Caira Conner, she shares her journey with Graves’ disease and her later development of diabetes.  I can definitely relate to the doctor handing you two or three prescriptions and saying you will notice a change in a couple of weeks.

Her story is uplifting and she concludes that even with this disease, she is still okay!



This article by Alyssa Stire is how to deal with chronic pain. Many of the readers also have to deal the pain, It’s great to know you are not alone.

Living With Chronic Pain, as told by someone who suffers from it


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