Do You Have Low TSH While Taking Thyroid Meds

Do you have low TSH while you are taking a thyroid medication? So, does that mean you are taking too much thyroid hormone?

Most providers would have you believe that a low TSH in the presence of taking thyroid medication is ​a sign of hyperthyroidism.

This would indicate that you need to LOWER your dose of thyroid medication to achieve a euthyroid status in the body.

But, is that really true?

To help clear up the confusion, Dr. Westin Childs will explain why this is not the case and what is really going on.


What Your Low TSH Means While taking Thyroid Medication & Why it isn’t Helpful



In this article Dr. Childs covers thyroid fatigue and how to correct it. Fatigue is one of the most common (and frequently reported) symptom of hypothyroidism. Also, fatigue is the result of various changes in your body including nutrient imbalances, poor mitochondrial function and even tissue level hypothyroidism. What’s more interesting is that in order to treat and reverse thyroid fatigue you actually need more than just thyroid medication. This is because the subjective symptom of fatigue can come from multiple different places in the body. ​

Here is Dr. Childs 9 Step Guide to Fix Thyroid Fatigue:


9 Step Guide to Stop Thyroid Fatigue in its Tracks

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