Cleaning Chemicals Are Linked to Thyroid Cancer

Cleaning chemicals are linked to thyroid cancer, a recent study revealed. The chemicals the study looked at were deodorizers, sanitizers, disinfectants and sterilizers mainly used on the job by the employees.

Occupational exposure to these chemicals, known as biocides, was associated with a 65 percent higher risk of thyroid cancer, the study found. For people whose jobs might have led to the most cumulative exposure to biocides over time, the odds of thyroid cancer was more than doubled.

The study also looked at pesticides, and didn’t find an increased risk of thyroid cancer linked to these agricultural chemicals.

You can read the study results here:


Here are the results of another study done at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. This study reveals how researchers can track the hazardous chemicals in the body from fast food wrappers.

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