Hashimotos Thyroiditis~Are Family Members at Risk

Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Are Family Members at Risk

Hashimotos thyroiditis is a autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid. If you have this disease, did you know that your family members also have an increased risk of developing the disease?

According to Manjunath Goroshi, DM, the risk for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis among first-degree relatives of adults with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is nine times higher than that among the general population, according to findings published in Clinical Endocrinology.

They evaluated 861 first-degree relatives (mean age, 29.2 years) of 264 adults (mean age, 31 years) with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis attending the thyroid clinic of a tertiary care hospital to determine the relative recurrence RR and age-related prevalence of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in family members. Overall, 38.3% of participants were positive for thyroid antibodies.

You can read the study here:



I also found this article on the dangers of consuming soy or soya (the article was published in the UK) by Paisley Gilmour. She makes some very  good points, both pro and con, for soy consumption.


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