Thyroid Testing: What's Missing

Thyroid testing is something that all of us who have thyroid disease are used to dealing with. We are also used to dealing with reference ranges based on lab data from sick people, ranges that are too wide and doctors who will follow those recommendations without question. These doctors love to let you know that there is nothing they can do for you because your TSH is in the normal range and your prescription for Synthroid will take care of all of your symptoms, so you can go on your merry way.  Now, if you happen to question your doctor’s wisdom you may be exposed to the  “God Factor.” I have had doctors scold me for questioning their knowledge of thyroid care. I have personally met several “Gods” along this thyroid journey.

So, to help you understand the challenges of thyroid testing, Dr. Brownstein will explain why the testing is difficult and the fact that they can’t measure intracellular thyroid function.

You can read his report here:

Thyroid Tests Don’t Tell the Whole Story


This is awesome! A cheat sheet on thyroid care for doctors.

Thyroid Care Cheat Sheet



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