Pregnancy Thyroid Problems

Pregnancy thyroid problems are very common, but the question that keeps coming up is this: should low thyroid function be treated during pregnancy? Kristen Fischer of sheknows explains that low thyroid function during pregnancy had formerly been linked to compromised neurological development in the fetus as well as higher risks for preterm birth and miscarriage.

The new study in the New England Journal of Medicine throws that school of thought out the window.

Dr. Serena Chen, an infertility specialist in New Jersey, told SheKnows that the topic of prenatal thyroid testing and treatment is quite controversial. She said that treatment for infertility patients who have suffered miscarriages might be beneficial while low-risk first pregnancies may be OK to skip treatment. The jury is still out, though, she said.

You can read the full report here:

Study Dont Treat Pregnancy Thyroid Problems


This is a common problem for women post pregnancy: losing that extra weight. The first issue addressed is the fact that her doctor said her thyroid function was fine. Even if an underactive thyroid hasn’t been diagnosed by a blood test, a person may still have an issue and exhibit one or more of the following symptoms; weight gain, hair loss, fluid retention, constipation, depression, cold hands and feet, dry skin and fatigue.

If this describes you, here are some tips to lose that weight:

Why Cant I Shed Post Pregnancy Weight

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