Thyroid Health for Our Kids

Thyroid health for our kids is all about food according to Dr. Mark Hyman. He states your kids should eat what you eat.”This is what I tell my patients when they ask me what they should be feeding their kids. In Japan, kids eat raw fish and seaweed – there are no kids’ menus! So why are most restaurants in America featuring kids’ menus? Kids will learn to love whatever we feed them, but we have to start them early.”

Dr. Hyman also states that in terms of pregnancy and breastfeeding, the Pegan Diet, is the diet that I recommend for new moms and I do not recommend making any modifications. The Pegan Diet includes plenty of healthy fats – like omega-3 fats- that are important for the baby’s brain development. This diet is also low in processed carbohydrates which are a major contributor to gestational diabetes. This diet works for the whole family – including those who are just coming into this world!

You can watch Dr. Hyman’s video here:

Feeding Our Kids and Thyroid Health


In this article, Jane de Graaff talks with Sarah Wilson about managing her Hashimoto’s disease. Sarah’s main fight is with the puffiness and inflammation caused by the thyroid disease. She also includes a couple of recipes for you to try.

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