Managing Subclinical Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy

Managing subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy has been an ongoing issue. Do you treat your low thyroid function or do you hope your body will respond to your pregnancy with the proper amount of thyroid hormone naturally?

In this update by John Schieszer, theĀ  American Thyroid Association (ATA) provide guidance on how best to diagnose and manage thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy, especially mild or “subclinical” hypothyroidism.

The updated guidelines include recommendations related to the diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer, as well as thyroid considerations in infertile women and fetal and neonatal considerations. One recommendation (number 29) gives specific advice regarding levels of thyroid test results that can be applied to the patient in the clinic setting when making decisions about intervention. It recommends that subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy be approached on the basis of several factors.

You can read all the updates here:



In this story, the first part is about how different people respond to music. But the second part of the story talks about how a mother’s low thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy have an effect on the child’s math skills.


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