Supplementing Iodine: Too Much Can Be Dangerous

Supplementing iodine in your diet: How many times have you heard you need more iodine your diet to help improve your thyroid function? Iodine is a micronutrient and a chemical element that the body cannot make. It has to come from your diet or supplements. Many of us who have thyroid disease have heard the advice to supplement your diet with iodine, simply because your thyroid needs iodine to make hormones.

But, what if you actually don’t need additional iodine. Supplementing iodine by mouth can improve a thyroid storm and hyperthyroidism; however, excessive iodine with a normal thyroid actually blunts the thyroid and actually causes hypothyroidism.

In this article by Mary Kekatos, she explains how misinformation can have dangerous consequences. The sad part of the story is the advice is coming from a celebrity who is getting her information from a man who speaks to ghosts. Not exactly someone you should be getting medical advice from. Just sayin!

Here is the full story! ┬áHonestly, I didn’t know ghosts gave medical advice!

Dangerous Iodine Advice



Since autoimmune disease is on the rise and a whooping 80% of those who have an autoimmune disease are women, it’s a good idea too know the most common ones and what to look for.

This article by Karyn Repinski on the Prevention website offers some great advice.

7-autoimmune-diseases you need to know about

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