Are You a Victim of Old School Thyroid Testing

Old school thyroid testing is creating an epidemic of tired, overweight folks who don’t know they’re hypothyroid because of this improper testing.

In this article by Suzy Cohen of Thyroid Nation, she explains why just testing a person’s TSH only gives a doctor a piece of the puzzle. TSH is incapable of telling you or your doctor what’s happening inside your cells. People are often told they have “normal” thyroid levels, based upon their “normal” TSH. TSH is a brain hormone and has nothing to do with intracellular (mitochondrial) levels of active thyroid hormone called “T3.”

You see, TSH may very well be normal, while T3, (the hormone you want) is desperately low. You will hold on to weight, have dry skin, suffer with hair loss, fatigue, muscle aches, arrhythmias, depression, forgetfulness, anxiety and low libido. Regardless of your misery, you may still be told your okay, because your TSH is okay. Big mistake! Huge!

Ms. Cohen explains the additional tests that need to be run; she also shares the medication she prefers which is natural dessicated thyroid (NDT) due to the fact it contains both T4 and T3.

You can read the full story here:


TSH Is Not The Sole Method To Evaluate Thyroid Function



Most of us know that thyroid disease and excess weight often go hand in hand. In this story, one of the first things mentioned is proper thyroid testing, including testing both T3 and T4. The same as the first article! Hopefully, in the near future, our healthcare professionals will start listening to us and do more complete screening to ease some of these nasty symptoms.

You can read all her recomendations here:

How to lose weight when your thyroid is messed up


Also, most of us with thyroid disease have low energy, which leads to excess weight, so how about looking at the reasons for low energy. Some of the culprits have already been mentioned.

Here’s just eight of the many reasons we have no energy:


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