Losing Weight with Thyroid Disease: Why It’s So Difficult

Losing Weight with Thyroid Disease: Why It's So Difficult

Losing weight with thyroid disease is next to impossible.  A recent study of Biggest Loser participants showed that metabolism decreases during weight loss and persists for six years. A study by Dr. Kevin Hall and his colleagues is getting a lot of attention for their work on metabolism in weight loss attempts in recent years. Our metabolism is determined by thyroid function. The hormones from the thyroid regulate metabolism.

Many different problems can cause low thyroid, however, what is less well known is how the thyroid relates to trying to lose weight.

Recently, San Luis Obispo weight loss expert Carol Rowsemitt weighed in as to why this occurred. To view her report, see below:

San Luis Obispo weight loss expert weighs in on Biggest Loser weight re-gain


According to SFGATE, a study published in a 2010 edition of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism stated that having low levels of thyroid hormones usually correlates with having a slow metabolism. In return, this activity could indicate a longer life expectancy. Dr. Joel Fuhrman further explained that this probably happens because the body doesn’t have to work as hard to burn calories and may experience less stress.

Here are nine subtle signs that could indicate you have a slow metabolism:

9 Subtle Signs Your Metabolism is Slowing


While we are on the subject of weight loss, we constantly hear how exercise is a part of healthy weight loss. However, in this article, the author talks about how less exercise is actually better than a full workout. However, I don’t know if I cut my walks down to 20 minutes if I would get the same mood enhancement I do with 30 minutes of walking.

You can read the full article here:

Workouts Not Working

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