Exercising with Thyroid Disorders

Exercising with thyroid disorders can be tricky. First, you have to deal with fatigue, then the achy joints, and those are just a couple of the physical symptoms. It’s enough to make you quit, if you have even started in the first place.

Hey, I’m not judging; exercising when you are hypothyroid is difficult to say the least. In this article by Kelsey Clark, she talks with thyroid expert Fern Langham about how beneficial hiking is for certain thyroid conditions. She cites how the fitness you gain from hiking plus being in nature helps relieve the emotional symptoms of thyroid disease like stress, anxiety and depression.

Personally, I like to walk; I find that when I walk outside, I have a much better outlook on life and dealing with this disease, plus I am a lot happier.

However, I couldn’t or wouldn’t go hiking. It is one of those activities that would be too exhausting for there to be any benefit. I don’t know about anyone else but most exercise is too intense for those with hypothyroidism. I do realize that those who have mild (subclinical) hypothyroidism would probably benefit greatly from hiking. It all depends on your individual condition.

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