Toxic Chemicals Are Harming Our Children's Brains

Toxic chemicals are everywhere and they are causing serious damage to our children’s brain development. This new report shares the concerns of several scientists, health practitioners and children’s health advocates on how many commonly used chemicals are having a devastating effect on the development of our children’s brains.

For example, most pregnant women in the U.S. will test positive for exposure to phthalates and PBDEs, both of which disrupt thyroid hormone function.

“Thyroid hormone is involved in almost every aspect of brain development, from formation of the neurons to cell division, to the proper migration of cells and myelination of the axons after the cells are differentiated,” said University of Illinois comparative biosciences professor Susan Schantz

“It regulates many of the genes involved in nervous system development.”

Schantz and her colleagues at Illinois are studying infants and their mothers to determine whether prenatal exposure to phthalates and other endocrine disruptors leads to changes in the brain or behavior.

You can read about the 7 most toxic chemicals in the study here:

A host of common chemicals endanger child brain development



Since we have been talking about how the chemicals we are exposed to harm our children, here the subject is soy milk and the harm it can cause. The evidence is mounting concerning soy and despite that evidence our government has stated time and time again that soy is not harmful to our bodies.

You can read the full story here: Although I do have to agree with one of the comments below, other than the headline, there’s no mention of the thyroid.

The Popular Beverage That Destroys Your Thyroid

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