Advances in Thyroid Robotic Surgery

Thyroid Robotic Surgery

Thyroid robotic surgery is making several advances in minimally invasive approaches for operating on thyroid cancer patients. With the steady rise of thyroid cancer, surgeons are looking for better results, mainly with the scar that is left after surgery.

Emad Kandil, MD, FACS, FACE at Tulane University School of Medicine states that thyroid cancer is now the fastest- growing major cancer in the United States; the incidence of the disease rose by 209% from 2001 to 2013.1,2 Currently, thyroid cancer is the most common tumor type among women younger than 35 years.

However, the current gold standard for thyroidectomy, the conventional cervical approach, results in visible scarring that is upsetting to many patients. During the past 20 years, the focus in surgical management of thyroid cancer has shifted to improved cosmetic outcomes, shorter hospitalizations, and faster recovery timeframes.

You can read Dr. Kandil’s report on the advances in thyroid cancer surgery below:

Robotic Thyroid Surgery


Every so often you hear of a story like this. We all have to be grateful for doctors like this one!

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