Women's Thyroid Disorder Safety Theory

Women’s Thyroid Disorder Safety Theory: What?  We all have heard that women develop autoimmune thyroid disease more often than men, at a rate of 5-8 to 1.  The question is why does thyroid disease occur more often in women than men?

Dr. Izabella Wentz may have the answer. She looked at risk factors such as female hormones which are thought to play a role, as pregnancy, puberty, and perimenopause are three of the most common times in a woman’s life for the onset of thyroid disease.

Another theory that has been suggested is the use of personal care items. Sadly, conventional personal care products are laced with toxins, and on average, women use 12 personal care products, while most men use just six.

And genetics also did not fully explain the increased reason.

So, why do women develop thyroid disorders more often?

Read Dr. Wentz’s theory below.

Why Women Have More Thyroid Disorders


This article shares the improtance of stress management in caring for our thyroids and as hard as relaxing can be, it’s vital to our health.

How Stress Causes Low Thyroid Function

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